DNA Activation Sprays

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DNAActivation Sprays

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LifeBEAT Products’ Performance Activation sprays employ a unique method of bio-energetic programming through modified laser technology, using water as a storage mechanism for DNA sequencing instructions sets. When applied on and around the body, the instruction sets in the sprays are held within the body’s morphogenetic field where they are immediately read by the user’s DNA and take immediate effect. But due to the various forms of interference and noise typically resulting from EMF pollution and compromised auric fields, the sprays are most effectively applied with the user’s conscious alignment of intent. This is analogous to turning a radio dial to eliminate static and bring the signal through clearer. So likewise, aligning one’s intent with the function of the sprays allows the instruction sets to be received and executed with much less interference, dramatically enhancing the potency of the effects.

More specifically, over the past several decades, quantum physicists1 have recognized at least a dozen enfolded dimensions that must be understood in order to comprehend reality.  With regard to sensory information processing, a neurobiologist, Karl Pribram identified fine and gross-grained screens located in sensory organs with connections that are outside the body.  All matter is a vibration that sends its signal to the brain for processing via these screens.  The signals can be organizing or disorganizing to the brain.  Our focus is on the disorganizing signals that we call “energy interrupters”.  It is our belief that it is possible to nullify the neurological response to these interrupters by creating products that organize information through our bio-energetic field.  The introduction of the concept that LifeBEAT sprays work at the sub-atomic level to create neurological coherency is a signal band-width of energy that acts upon the mechanics of quantum physics.

What this means for you is that LifeBEAT Spray Products:                            

  • Enhance physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual performance factors.
  • Support the neutralization of deep emotional issues linked to neurological entrapments and entanglements in the quantum field.
  • Engage by creating a resonant effect of energy harmony at the highest dimensions in the physical and quantum realms.
  • Supports focus, mental clarity, intuition, memory, peacefulness, serenity and a sense of bliss.

The selection of the essential oils for the various sprays are based not upon their properties as written in traditional aromatherapy resources, but their energetics relative to the Gyromagnetic constant (Hertz/gauss) of Earth.  Energy is dynamic by nature and LifeBEAT products assist in helping us adapt in a manner that paces the perpetual energetic shifts.

Directions:  The effects of our sprays last between 4-6 hours.  Depending on your choice of performance activation we suggest using the sprays throughout the day and into the evening.  Enjoy your sprays on a single use or multiple sprays at once to begin or end your day.   Approximately 4 spray pumps are suggested to gain the full effect of the desired performance from each spray.  If using multiple sprays at one time use the “primary” spray with 4 spray pumps and your other choices 2-3 spray pumps should be enough to gain the desired effects. 

We recommend using your intention while spraying each performance spray to enhance and amplify and direct your outcome.