Cohere Bodywear

Categories: 30 Mar 2011

Cohere Body Wear for personal EMF Protection with Style!

LifeBEAT products introduces Cohere Bodywear bracelets and pendants.  This line of bodywear is designed for personal protection against the suppressive effects of environmental stress factors.

Wearing a bracelet or a pendant activates a coherent field of energy within and around your entire body.  The Cohere Bodywear holds that space for you so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your energy is in balance or not.

The activation of this coherent field minimizes the disruptive effects of present day environmental stressors such as dirty energy from EMF and the like. These disruptive fields of energy have a pervasively suppressing effect on your spirit, mind and body.   It’s nice to know that as long as you are wearing your Cohere Bodywear you can be confident that your personal space is free of any potential energetic distortions.

When you can effectively eliminate the resistance that is created by environmental stressors you naturally begin to amplify the bio-energetic field that surrounds your body.  Ultimately what you are doing is freeing up the sum total of your full potential so you can begin to manifest the things in life you choose to have.

Using the sprays in conjunction with wearing your Cohere Bodywear literally expands your bio-energetic field out 40 to 50 feet from your body in all directions like a giant bubble.   Normally your bio-energetic field only extends out about 30 inches or an arm’s length in front of you and to the sides in a 180 degree semi circle pattern.  Most of us have no bio-energetic field extending out from the back side of our bodies.  Our awareness is focused on what’s in front of us, only what we can see.  Interestingly enough our bio-energetic field is limited to that area of our awareness … just what’s in front of us.

When you use your LifeBEAT spray, your field becomes an expansive super conducting magnet. As you continue to expand your field using the sprays, more energy naturally becomes available to you.  You can effectively use this expanded energetic state to manifest your true hearts desire in areas of relationship, money, business, love, academics, sports and so much more.

You have a powerful ally between the bracelet and the spray…The bracelets create and holds space for you while the sprays instantly expand your capacity to tap into a whole lot more of your full potential.

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What if we could show you how to minimize the effects from EMF and show you how you could instantly generate more strength, more balance, more clarity and more focus now?

What if you could minimize the effects of dirty energy disruption and be free of it 24/7/365?

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