The idea of creating something as simple and profound as a functional water sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. To this day we are still learning more about the scope of what can be accomplished and we are continually amazed with the feedback we receive from our customers.

LifeBEAT Products are more than an ordinary product, they are an experience. The best way to understand our technology is to experience it for yourself. Whether you are looking for greater relationship balance, athletic performance, academic performance, or business performance, we have specially formulated packages just for you.

What is Effecting Us?

One of the main offenders in creating imbalance in our bodies is the environment we are exposed to day in and day out. The physical response to the exposure to dirty energy in our immediate environment is perpetual and inescapable. Although we’ve all heard the stories about what cell phones do to us, that is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Dirty energy is found everywhere and we believe that it is the single most pervasive cause of physical, emotional and psychological imbalances.

Dirty energy affects our brain and nervous system in ways we are only beginning to understand. We don’t pay much attention to this fact because it’s something we cant see or put our finger on. But despite the fact that dirty energy is largely invisible there are many who are fully aware of it and feel its suppressive effects. It’s not until we have the experience of being able to turn it off that we can become aware of the difference in how it was affecting us.

The following is a short list of common sources of dirty energies that generate invisible fields of disturbance know as EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields).

  1. Microwave Ovens
  2. Electric Ovens and Range tops
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Washer/Dryers
  5. Dishwashers
  6. Hair Dryers and Hair Curlers
  7. Electric Shavers
  8. Waterbed Heaters
  9. Electric Blankets
  10. Electrical Outlets
  11. Dimmer Switches
  12. Fluorescent Lighting
  13. TVs
  14. Satellite Dishes
  15. Computers
  16. Wireless Internet
  17. Fax Machines
  18. Cell Phones
  19. Cell Tower Radiation
  20. High Tension Power Lines
  21. Wireless Home Phones
  22. Stereo Systems
  23. Walkie Talkie & 2 way radios
  24. AM/FM Radio Waves
  25. GPS Navigation
  26. Hybrid Car Electrical Systems
  27. Alternator output in regular vehicles
  28. Trains, planes and all other forms of transportation
  29. Many more!

This list simply illustrates that one way or another we are perpetually at the affect of dirty energy no matter where we go or what we do. How many of the items listed above are in and around your house? How many are right around where you are at this very moment?

How is it Affecting Us?

Is it possible that the myriad of physical, emotional and psychological complications we experience on a daily basis is caused by exposure to dirty energy? Could these environmental conditions be affecting our clarity of thought, our other than rational emotional reactions to otherwise normal situations and the ever increasing list of weird physical ailments for which there is a new and improved medication? Close observation indicates that there may be a connection there.

It is our observation that there is a correlation between the disturbances we experience in our daily lives and the exposure to those sources of dirty energy. And if that indeed is the case, how is it affecting our ability to perform and excel in the common task areas such as business, sports, academics, parenting, relationships and sex?

Since it was our opinion that dirty energy was the key ingredient in performance suppression, we naturally chose to address curtailing the suppressive effects of dirty energy as the starting point in the process of developing a viable formulation for performance activation.

What is Coherence?

The most basic function of all the LifeBEAT technologies is to establish coherence in your immediate environment. Depending on which combination of LifeBEAT products one chooses to apply, the “environment” can be defined as the immediate space you occupy (your body) to an area the size of an entire home or business.

Coherence is the state that is achieved in the absence of chaos. The chaotic interference produced by dirty energy has been a 100 year long escalating force we’ve had to unknowingly contend with as a race. Most of the population on this planet has been exposed to high levels of dirty energy since the moment they were conceived.

On account of the escalation of dirty energy, we have evolved into a society that has been unconsciously conditioned to live with this situation at the expense of our health and wellbeing. As a race, we literally don’t even know what is like to not live in a chaotic environment. The pervasive nature of dirty energy is illusive because it is an intangible, meaning you can’t see it. Many will question “well, how could something that I can’t even see, have such an impact on my daily life?” The response to that is… “How would you really know if you’ve never lived in an environment of coherence?”

If you would have told your doctor that you had “restless leg syndrome” 50 years ago, you’d have been laughed out of the office. Now all these weird conditions of neurological origin are common place and even accepted as normal. No problem, we have a medication for that too. So what we’re finding is that, on a large scale what was considered to be abnormal 20 years ago is now accepted as part of the norm.

Coherence is to Chaos what Light is to Darkness. Darkness cannot occupy a space in which there is light. Likewise, chaos cannot occupy the same space as coherence. It is one or the other, never both.

EMF is a common form of dirty energy produced by the use of all of the electrical devices listed above. Our system (body, mind and emotions) is not able to adapt to the fluctuating fields produced by EMF (electromagnetic fields). In a typical American made appliance the frequency of fluctuation is in a perpetual state of flux at 60 cycles or 60 times a second.

EMF produces waves of fluctuation which the body cannot even begin to cancel out by the very fact that the waves are many, they all vary in frequency and their frequencies are all faster than we can keep up with. Our inability to keep up with and cancel out the fluctuating information creates a state of perpetual chaos for our system.

What Are Our Bodies Doing?

Our bodies are designed with a natural capacity to cancel out information… monotonous information. A great example is wearing clothing. After a couple of minutes of wearing a piece of clothing, even a pair of skimpy dental floss g-string panties (who’d have ever thought you could get used to that) the mind and body would no longer expend any energy paying attention to it. It cancels it out, ignores it and moves on to something else.

Unfortunately we have great difficulty canceling out information that keeps changing state on us. An example would be if the clothes you’re wearing kept changing texture, size and temperature several times a second. It would be impossible to ignore that. We would constantly be aware of it and it would quickly become very annoying.

It takes time for the body to adjust to even the slightest change in its environment and if that environment is changing faster that we can adjust to it you end up with a non stop energy drain because our bodies would be constantly trying to cancel out the new information. Eventually we end up in a state of chaotic information overload. And that exactly describes what’s happening with our system in the case of non stop exposure to dirty energies.

How LifeBEAT Changes Our Experience!

What are the possible health benefits, if any, of living free of dirty energy environmental stress factors? To date we have documented considerable improvement in our personal lives and based on our customers’ feedback we are constantly receiving, people are enjoying an enhanced sense of balance, clarity and ability to perform better in areas of their lives including romance, academics, business, sports, meditation and even sex.

We recently conducted a study of the benefit to LifeBEAT Spray and Bio-wear technology that included medical imaging of test subjects, click here to view these amazing results.

On the account of some popular studies that have been conducted on water such as that of Dr. Masaru Imoto, it has become widely accepted that water has some very interesting capabilities. One of them being that water possesses the ability to hold “memory”.